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The perfect way to escape, relax and unwind from the day-to-day grind

Watch the world disappear in your rear vision side mirrors as you hit the road with your own caravan hitched to the back of your car. Take off for a weekend away with friends and family, begin a never-ending adventure circumnavigating Canada, or any other trip you can imagine.

Why Gateway Financing & Auto Sales for your RV loans?

  • You’ll get a fixed rate so you know what you’ll be paying, a repayment schedule that suits you, and up to 100% RV finance.
  • Got your eye on a RV already? Whether it’s new or used, through a dealer or private sale, we’ll find the right lender for you.
  • When you own a RV the only thing you should worry about is where you’re going next, so we’ll take care of you, not the banks and lenders.
  • The application process is super fast, and we’ll usually have an answer within 24 hours. So you can apply today, and buy tomorrow!

What can you buy with RV finance?




Recreational vehicles

camper trailers

Camper trailers

motor homes


When you think about it, buying a RV, camper trailer or motorhome is a great long-term investment. The cost of taking holidays every year, whether it’s just you or the entire family, can get very expensive. With a RV, you can hit the road whenever you want, and go wherever you want, at a fraction of the price!

bad credit RV loans

Bad credit history?

Everyone deserves a second chance, and our team of RV finance experts have many years of experience getting great loans for people with bad credit history. So don’t let that hold you back.

As a bonus, by getting a bad credit RV loan through Gateway Financing & Auto Sales, and making every repayment through to completion, you’ll go a long way to eradicating your bad credit history. It really is win-win!!!

What should you do next?

call us for RV finance canada

You’ve got a couple of options to get the RV loan application process started. Call us at 506-855-8802 and talk to one of our RV finance specialists, or fill out our Apply Now form and we’ll contact you ASAP.

RV loan application

We’ll find the best RV loan for you in a matter of minutes, with no obligation to accept at any time. If you wish to go ahead, we’ll get the application ball rolling immediately, and have an answer usually within 24 hours.

Ready to discuss RV finance?

Fantastic, if you want to get a ballpark figure of what your loan repayments could be, simply fill call us at 506-855-8802 or fill out our Apply Now form and we’ll take it from there.